The proof is in the cup.

A well-made pour-over can transform your day, but even the greatest baristas are inconsistent: just ask one to craft the exact same cup two times in a row. That’s what led us to create the Ground Control brewer, now trusted by over 600 businesses like Onyx Coffee Labs, Equator, Dayglow, Brandywine, Axil and more.

Made for coffee shops, bakeries and cafes just like yours, Ground Control can transform your coffee program through premium filter coffee, latte concentrates, cold brew and more – all while maintaining incredible quality and efficiency.

“Ground Control not only helps with drinks going out faster, it also helps with our sales and with some labor costs too—there’s only so much two baristas can do. It allows us to be more efficient during service while also providing better consistency for our drinks.”

Jillian Bruce-Willis

Director of Operations - Brew Ha Ha! / Brandywine Roasters


A brand-new brewing method.

Multiple extractions —

Ground Control is unique, both in its eye-catching design that draws customers in, as well as its patented multiple extraction cycle process that is applauded for making the best and most consistent coffee possible.