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Brewing with Ground Control

First and foremost, Ground Control is meaningfully more versatile than a drip brewer. It produces a wide variety of beverages including iced lattes by the gallon, and 8-minute cold brew. These capabilities are valuable to our customers and transform their operations, making them noticeably more profitable. Ground Control also produces a cup that is noticeably cleaner and more nuanced than a well-made pour-over. We have hundreds of customers who have replaced their drip brewers with Ground Control, not only to enhance their business and quality, but also to transform the experience of their customers.

Ground Control pre-ships with recipes for Iced Latte concentrates! We recommend a ratio of 350 grams of finely ground coffee combined with about 1700mL of water for a 6-7TDS result. You can also adjust ratios if you’re interested in a different strength.

Orders & Payment

Of course! We work with the best equipment finance partners in the business and have numerous customers who have conveniently financed their Ground Control. Feel free to reach out to our sales team if you’d like an introduction to financing.

We accept bank wire, ACH, check and credit card. You can conveniently pay for your order electronically through our payment processor.

Our lead times are typically 12 weeks from order placement. If you need a system faster than that, please contact us and our sales team is happy to investigate faster turnaround times.


Yes. Ground Control produces world-class tea, and is used in numerous locations across the globe for both hot and cold teas.

We do not currently provide a metal filter option.

We strongly recommend that you use custom paper filters that we have produced to our specification. These filters are fast flow, and ensure a consistently dried bed. You can purchase them at Other filters may result in inconsistent results.

We have seen a variety of commercial grade bulk burr grinders work well with Ground Control. These include grinders made by Mahlkonig, Ditting, Compak, and BUNN.

For batches of 3L or greater, we recommend either the Curtis 1 gallon or the LUXUS 1 gallon dispenser. 1.5 gallon dispensers will not work with our system. For batches of 2L or less, we strongly suggest using a glass-lined airpot that is tall, to minimize any gap between the outlet of our system and the airpot itself. Even a 3 inch airgap will meaningfully reduce temperature of the final brew. One excellent option is the glass-lined Zojirushi BHS-19SB.

Ground Control iced lattes have a taste profile that is nearly identical to a traditional iced latte, and your customers will find their favorite and expected flavors in the cup.The main difference is that our concentrates are paper filtered and much cleaner and more consistent than most shots of espresso. This means that in blind taste tests across hundreds of customers and multiple geographies, iced lattes made on Ground Control are prefered time and time again over espresso iced lattes.

Ground Control is able to brew cold brew meaningfully faster than other methods, because it uses a unique multi-cycle brewing process. This allows you to agitate the coffee and use much finer grind, without over-extracting.

Simply fill out our Request a Quote, Contact form or chat with us via our website chatbot.

Ground Control can brew 1) hot coffee that’s “as good as it gets,” 2) 8-minute cold brew, 3) hot lattes and cappucinos, 4) iced lattes, 5) iced tea, 6) hot tea, 7) herbal teas and tisanes, 8) carbonated coffees, 9) instant coffee

Ground Control Cyclops is 42 inches high and 10 inches wide. It can brew anywhere from one cup to one gallon of coffee.

Service & Maintenance

Ground Control works with the technicians you already use and trust to ensure your equipment is rapidly and effectively serviced. Our servicing network extends across the US. We always keep replacement parts in stock and can either overnight them to your business, or discuss keeping a set of parts locally available to you for your needs. Our modular design approach allows us to easily identify issues, replace modules, and troubleshoot issues. We work with the best customer success professionals in the industry to ensure exceptional support that is best-in-class.

Ground Control cleans in-place. All you need to do is soak the system in Cafiza each night and rinse the system with it. There is no need to manually clean the system’s bulb. It takes less than three minutes of work each night to ensure your system is ready for the next day’s business!

We offer different models of staff traiing, depending on your need. Each Ground Control ships with complete manuals and video tutorials on using the system. Our customer success team is also available during business hours to help with any question you may have, from technical equipment questions to brewing recipe questions, as well. We also offer in-person training programs at our factory, as well as technician and brewing certifications.

The Ground Control brewer should be serviced every 6 months for optimal performance of the equipment.