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The New Ground Control is significantly less tall than our flagship Cyclops brewer, and fits under most counters. All while maintaining the same volume for hot coffee (1 gallon), and 33% more volume for batch espresso and cold brew concentrates!

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Make Your Brewing Data Transparent

The Smart Dispenser Revolution

Until now, it’s been impossible to track brewing data and optimize brewing operations based on demand. The new Ground Control One Gallon Double-Wall Insulated Smart Dispenser changes that.

The removable Smart Dispenser communicates brewing data via Bluetooth to your New Ground Control. How much you’re brewing, the rate you’re dispensing coffee from batches, and most notably, the Smart Dispenser tracks how much coffee you pour down the drain.

Each New Ground Control ships with one Smart Dispenser, and you can purchase additional Smart Dispensers on our online store. They work just like the coffee urns you use today, while bringing critical business insight to your fingertips.

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Track Your Brewing Across the Room or Across the World

The best part about the Smart Dispenser? All the data is seamlessly sent to the Ground Control cloud so that you can visualize your data and track your metrics over time.

And those cool lights? The Smart Dispenser has the option of visually indicating your brewing stages through light. Now, baristas can see exactly what’s the status of each pot of brewed coffee by simply glancing at the Smart Dispenser’s light pattern from across the room.

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