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"Coffee at LinkedIn HQ has never tasted better. I am Ground Control’s biggest fan. Not only is it a beautiful eye catching and show stopping piece behind the line, which elicits conversations with employees [at LinkedIn HQ] on a daily basis, but it truly maximizes efficiency in a very busy high impacted coffee bar. GC has helped us tremendously with its ability to batch brew coffee concentrate. Having coffee concentrate ready on hand to prepare cold drinks in half the time has become helpful to increase the employee experience."

Rodney Nourani

Director Of Operations, Bon Appétit Management Company at LinkedIn

Linkedin Headquarters, Mountain View, CA

A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee

Up your office coffee program with ease to produce drinks better than your local coffee shop without leaving the office.

Better Coffee Drinks, Faster

Batched espresso from Ground Control can significantly speed up your per drink time, allowing your team to get back to work faster. If you have 10 employees waiting in line for a latte, how much lost productivity is your organization facing due to that wait time? Ground Control can cut per drink time down from ~2:00 to ~0:10.