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Real-estate is expensive, Ground Control can save you space too

Instead of running 2 espresso machines in your drive-thru just to keep up, use a Ground Control brewer. At just 10” wide, GC will save you tons of space and amplify your output. 

Tired of brewing cold brew in buckets that crowd your space and get in the way? Use your Ground Control to brew up a gallon every 8 minutes – no more buckets, no more waiting for hours. 

If you’re running a mobile operation, ask us about our mobile configuration – specialized rubber feet that bolt to your counter, drainless option, and a lower profile.

“By replacing traditional espresso with concentrates from Ground Control for our iced lattes, we’ve seen a meaningful improvement in flavor and consistency.

There’s no way we could have met this demand in a cost-efficient manner without Ground Control. We’ve tripled production in under two months, and the brewers have already proven profitable. Our team is pleased, too. Instead of pulling endless shots, they can focus on engaging with our customers.”

Paul Magda

Cofounder - Pause Coffee

Sacramento, CA

Better & faster on Ground Control

Reimagined iced lattes —

Ground Control is unique, both in its eye-catching design that draws customers in, as well as its patented multiple extraction cycle process that is applauded for making the best and most consistent coffee possible.

Ground Control® is unlike other batch brewers. It isn’t a drip system. It isn’t a siphon. It’s something new, completely unique, and it’s available today.