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Make your competition wonder how you do it

If you’re looking for ways to stand out in a crowded field, consider putting a Ground Control brewer on your bar. When your guests see amber-colored coffee begin to swirl inside the glass bulb, they’ll know you’re up to something special. But when they have a cup, they’ll realize it’s more than just a cool looking machine.


Across the country, people are having eye-opening coffee experiences from Ground Control. You can be a part of that too. Our one-of-a-kind brewing process makes running your coffee program easier by lowering your costs, increasing your output, and setting you apart from the rest.

“The Ground Control Cyclops was a game changer for us. We wanted our coffee to be delicious and consistent; Ground Control helped us to do just that. Eli and the whole team were excellent partners not only with the installation, but with the education of our teams with how to execute and achieve optimal results. We believe that you remember a really good cup of coffee, and we wanted that for our guests. The innovative equipment and technology provided a point of difference that we could taste, and that has helped us improve our overall coffee program from the first cup of the day to the last.”

Michael Vucurevich



Better & faster on Ground Control

Reimagined iced lattes —

Ground Control is unique, both in its eye-catching design that draws customers in, as well as its patented multiple extraction cycle process that is applauded for making the best and most consistent coffee possible.

Ground Control is unlike other batch brewers. It isn’t a drip system. It isn’t a siphon. It’s something new, completely unique, and it’s available today.